• Grade: 14.5% Vol.
• Variety: Monastrell 50%, Syrah 30% and
Tintorera 20%
• Description: Strains of more than 20 years of low yields in irrigation
• Climate: Extreme climate with very cold winters and very hot summers.
• Harvest: Manual, in boxes of 20 kilos
• Vinification: stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 24ºC. Long maceration during
21 days
• Aging: Malolactic and subsequent aging in French Allier oak barrels for a minimum period of 12 months.
• View: Cherry red color with garnet rims.
• Nose: Ripe red fruit and liquor mixed with spices of pepper, cloves and nutmeg.
• Mouth: Smooth mid palate, high body and ripe and silky tannin.
• Temperature of consumption: 16-18 ºC.

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DEATH GOLD it is a wine that presents itself. And it is that, although in many cases the names of the wines are related to the area in which it has been made or the name of the person who has led the project, in this case the link is made directly with what the experience of your tasting.

Prepared by the managers of the Winery On winery, DEMUERTE GOLD is a wine from Yecla, in Murcia, characterized by its excellent flavor and quality. A Monastrell Wine that is elaborated with care and that, for years, has managed to gain the approval of many consumers around the world.

 DEMUERTE GOLD: Composition and preparation

As if it were a magisterial formula, DEMUERTE GOLD wine is made from three grape varieties: Monastrell (which is used in 50 percent), Syrah (which is used for 30 percent of the wine) and

Tintorera (which completes the remaining 20 percent of the composition of this Yecla wine).

The Monastrell grape used in the elaboration of DEMUERTE GOLD is a high quality grain that is obtained as if it were an aniseed, from the alembic into which the strains that those responsible for Winery On have become have become. Strains over 20 years old, which are grown in low-yield irrigated and dry land, which implies a significant concentration of elements inside each grain.

Once the grapes are ripe, they are harvested by hand, preventing them from deteriorating at all times. Subsequently, they are subjected to the extraction of the must and this broth, already with the best of each Monastrell grape grain, is kept in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius.

A moment in which a long maceration process begins that lasts for 21 days. A period in which the wine is cared for and checked at all times.

Subsequently, the wine undergoes an aging process and aging in French Allier oak barrels for a minimum period of 14 months. Time after which DEMUERTE GOLD is bottled and prepared to be sent to the final consumer.

DEMUERTE GOLD: a modern wine

Of all the modern wines that have emerged in the Yecla area, DEMUERTE GOLD is one of the ones with the most personality. And it is a cherry red wine with garnet rims, which has an aroma reminiscent of ripe and liquorous red fruit. A scent that is also peppered with spices such as pepper, cloves and nutmeg, which together offer a very suggestive combination.

DEATH GOLD It is a wine that goes well, a wine that is characterized by a smooth drink, with a high layer, ripe tannin and a silky texture. Elements capable of convincing the most sophisticated and exquisite palate in the world.

For its presentation, those responsible for Winery On have chosen to reproduce the silhouette of a skull in the purest Mexican style. Of course, offering a glamorous look by using only gold ink in its realization.

To protect the wine contained in the bottles, a dark glass and a black capsule have been chosen to give unity to its external appearance.

With all that, DEATH GOLD It is one of the wines with the most personality of those made in the Yecla area. A wine to savor and enjoy alone or in company.

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